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Cari Lirik

C.U.T.S - Feuxjealousfeux

Hey boy do you know who's that?
It's been a calling until the late of night
It took so long, but it took him love
I got diseased. It's grumpy and be tonight

Do you think it's a lady or a guy? (What do you think?)
If it's a guy, why is so unload? (What do you think?)

I have to smile to sit & watch.
I'm gonna act, I'm gonna find out!

I know you. make it two
If not you. Don't make me blue
Fake it you. Make it you.
It's not you.
Stop now! Stop now!

I need to pretend not to
Angry but can fake it too
Baby, please be good
It's my thing to try to took
I'm feux feuxjealousyfeux!


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