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Cari Lirik

Rocket Rockers - Better Season

LirikAnd I wish this year could be a better season
Here I am sipping coffee and starring at the ceiling

And I’m all weird inside, I take my guitar out of the space
And then the past emerges, miss understanding, bad conversation from me…

Even you don’t care about my feeling
I’m still your friend when you get pain
I remember when you were dreaming
I was the ghost when you are lost

Yes I do…Yes I do…
I want to spend rest of my life with you…
Yes I do…Yes I do…
I’ll be your friend and your number one fan

I can’t wait until I hear your amazing voice, but…
When I dial your number, your heart was not at home
And start blaming my self

And I…wanna better season…
When I get Up…feel so much pain
Should I give up?…should I give up?

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